Currency and Unit Conversion Apps
11 April 2007 12:53
I've updated the currency application (again). This time I've added (as requested) the ability to set default currencies. This feature, which only works on the Google Homepage at the moment, allows the default selections to be changed from USD and EUR. I also discovered (or invented) a way to prevent non-numeric characters from being entered. Not much I know, but it was pain in the ass to get working in all of the browsers (and even after all the time I spent on it, I still couldn't get it to work in Opera). I've tested in wiht Forefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Konquerer. (Your can add the Currency Converter to your Google Homepage by clicking here.)

I've also added a new app for converting between different units. You can see it here or add it to your Google Homepage by clicking here. Please have a look and let me know if there are any units I've left out.

You can also add either of these of gadgets to your own page using this Google tool. For the Currency Converter, use this and the Unit Converter this.