Iarnroid Eireann - 96% of trains on time?!?
13 November 2006 10:39
I noticed a few weeks ago that Iarnroid Eireann have put up posters on some trains (at least on the Northern Commuter line) proclaiming that 96% of their trains arrive on time. I'd love to know how they generated this very interesting statistic, because the week I first saw it, 9 out of the 12 trains I got were actually late. This 25% seems to be a very long way from the 98% they're claiming.

I usually get 12 trains a week (between commuter trains and connecting DARTs) and, at the very least, 3 or 4 of these run late (even if only by a few minutes). I defy anyone to get a train from Connolly station more than a couple of times a week without hearing, over the loudspeaker, "We're sorry to announce that the ... train to ... is delayed due to the late arrival of an incoming train." (Or "due to operational problems" - they only seem to have two excuses/reasons, neither of which conveys any more information than the other.)

It seems some enterprising commuter feels at least somewhat the same way I do:

So if anyone from Iarnroid Eireann reads this, please please let me know just how these (seemingly implausible) statistics were generated. Were rush hour trains excluded? Does on time mean within 20 minutes of the intended times? Or do you just wait for me to arrive at a station before deciding that the train is going to be late?

I'd also be interested to hear about other's experiences with public transport, whether is Iarnroid Eireann or any other company, within Ireland or not.