Evolution vs. Religion (it goes on)
22 September 2006 07:36
Last week, Kenyan church officials called for the removal all human fossils from the National Museum in Nairobi. This is widely considered the greatest collection of human fossils in the world. Bishop Boniface Adoyo is quoted as saying "It's creating a big weapon against Christians that's killing our faith ... When children go to museums they'll start believing we evolved from these apes." (read the Guardian article).

This is absolutely ridiculous and I can only assume has been fueled by current goings-on in the US regarding Intelligent Design. Evolution has been widely accepted (at least in the Western World) for over 50 years and for the majority of Christians, has not affected their faith. Granted, it's not exactly in line with the Old Testament, but that particular tome asserts that the Earth was created just 8,000 years ago. There is a wealth of evidence outside of Evolutionary Biology which suggests that this figure is wildly inaccurate. Most Christians (at least the ones I've met) don't let this deter their faith as they simply see much of the Old Testament as being symbolic, rather than an accurate historical account. (I mean, does anyone trully believe that Noah lived to the ripe old age of 950, Adam till 930 or Methuselah for 969 years?)

The good Bishop, who is leading this charge, must have little confidence in his congregation if he believes that simply viewing these fossils will turn people away from their faith.